How We Invest

We invest in companies that have proven their technology and business model and are ready to scale outside of their home country. Both the technology and business model are evaluated for suitability and fit into ITVs portfolio of complementary businesses as well as readiness for expansion into Asia.  ITV helps in creating a market entry strategy with an aim to create sustainable businesses and generate returns for both investors and founders.

ITV mainly invests in businesses in two ways:



Create an Asian focused entity that is part of ITVs portfolio of complementary businesses. 



Project specific investment where a 3 party JV is created with ITV, Investor and founders.


ITV invests up to US$10 Million in each venture to fund the initial 12-18 months of operations, following which the Asian entity might raise funds in its own right. ITV provides hands-on management services for the first year of operations during which local and expert management is sourced.