About Us

Impact Tech Ventures Pty Ltd. (ITV) is a company focused on addressing and finding solutions to major social and environmental challenges in the APAC region. Significant economic achievements in the region in recent decades have been accompanied by declining air and water quality, new health challenges and a rapid growth in demand for high quality food and clean energy.

Our focus is on sourcing HIGH IMPACT commercially attractive technical solutions that can be readily scaled in the Asian region to provide sustainable solutions to some of the challenges.

The verticals that ITV currently focuses on are:

  • Energy (Clean / Renewable Energy, Energy Optimisation, Micro/Grid Scale Energy Storage , Recapturing Energy from Industrial Waste)

  • Water (Decentralised Sewage Treatment, Desalination, and Grey Water Treatment)

  • Agritech (Organic, Sustainable Food production and Food Handling)

  • Medtech (Digital Health, Devices and Diagnostics)

With these unique solutions we hope to make a social impact, improving the quality of life of the people in the region, at the same time generating significant returns for our technology partners and investors.